Bird & Birch is Born January 7, 2015 13:18

What’s in a name?

As this is ours, and my, first ever blog I thought I’d start from the start. Our name.

The name is probably the hardest part of starting a business. Until you have the name, you don’t have an identity or something to connect to.

I think being in a partnership, made name choosing easier. You can bounce ideas back and forth until you are happy. Compromise is the key.

We started off with Birch. His idea. We threw around matching names for a few minutes and nothing stood out. As Birch is a tree I decided to look up native birds to the tree. So many different types with so many daggy names. After dinner, a few vinos and lots of bird names, I finally said ‘why not just bird?’.

Sometimes simple is the best choice.

And there it was, Bird & Birch was born.